Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Right Ways to Web Designing

In web development, the design of the website is considered a very important element for its success. One reason why it became important is because the design of the website is what build's a website's credibility as well as its trustworthiness in providing their services to customers. The design of the website doesn't only involve the use of colors, shapes, images, and simple animations, it also makes use of basic human understanding on how they would interact with your website and find the information they are looking for. The true purpose of web designs is to allow our visitors to quickly and conveniently find their goal in our website.

Colors  Clashes
The use of colors is integral to the success in conveying credible services to prospective clients. According to Web design experts, this involves the right use of colors such as light against dark or dark against light.

Images and Animations
According to Web design  experts, putting images is also very important in the design of a website. It puts more life in a web page other than the use of colors and shapes. Although putting images can add to a website's credibility, too much of it could cause the website to load too slow which could also cause for visitors to leave the website.

Animations in websites are usually used in banners or in logos. However, many websites today have come to use the technology of Adobe Flash to create a full Flash website which is both entertaining and artistic. Although entertaining, the use of heavy Flash could also slow down its loading which could cause visitors to leave. Although there is the use of preloaders, the fact that it takes too long increases the chances of visitors on leaving the website.

Another is the use of font. Fonts used in a website should be readable and understandable. Many websites have come to use the font comic sans to make their websites more inviting. However, according to Web design  experts, using fonts such as comic sans and other "stylish" fonts may reduce a website's credibility, particularly when if its a corporate website.

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