Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Web Design for the Web 2.0 Age

A well crafted website is vital to the success of any new business these days. Launch parties have replaced ribbon cuttings and websites often precede the opening of store doors. Giving your business a well developed and targeted “face” or website is the first step to getting customers to sign up and buy your product or service.

Web 2.0

Internet users have changed their expectations when it comes to visiting company websites. A new evolution of website expectations has been greeted with creative designs and developments. Whereas websites used to exist as a billboard, they are now a conversation starter and continuer, so to speak. This evolution has marked the change from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0. A company’s website must not only provide information, but also draw people to their site with various strategies like blogs, social media and other user generated content providers.

Web 2.0 web design has opened up a whole gamut of ideas and creative solutions for business problems. By initiating their own conversation and integrating sales goals, websites can provide their target audiences with a place to voice their onions, but also a place to build brand loyalty.

Brand Loyalty – Everyone Has a Voice

When customers feel that your company cares about their thoughts and ideas, a relationship is born. This goes a long way to handling customer service issues as well as gaining long-term customers.

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