Friday, May 21, 2010

Achieve Higher PageRank With SEO - Tips

One of the most innovate technologies that Google had developed is the PageRank. This is a special algorithm that changes every day and according to it the all of the pages that are indexed by Google are displayed. The algorithm is a secret so nobody except the person who has created it knows what it does exactly. There are some ways using search engine optimization to make your PageRank higher, which will lead to displaying your website on higher positions in the Google index.

One of the most important things you must do is to include all of the words that the users of Google had used to reach your website. Make sure that you include all of them in the text content of your website, but have in mind that you must not overuse them. If you do so the Google will think of your website as irrelevant and you will not get the results you wanted. The words that users have sued are accessible in the traffic reports of your website, there you can also see from where most of the people are accessing your website and try to improve the relationships with that website. 

Another thing that will improve your rank in Google is when you write new articles to post in your website, make sure that they will be published each one of them on a separate page. This will allow both visitors and search engine spiders to easily access your website and also it will allow you to make an archive of all of the articles you have published. Make sure also that each article will be published with its description and keywords in the Meta tags of the particular webpage, because this will help the visitors to find all of the content of your website easier. The main advantage of this feature that you may include in your website is the fact that all of the visitors will find your content well organized, unique and useful and they will be returning to your website in the future, so it will allow you to maintain stable traffic statistics. Also on the other hand the spiders of the search engines will return to your website, where they will find fresh and unique contentto index and this will guarantee you higher ranking positions in Google.

Improving your PageRank is crucial when you want to get your website positioned on the top places by Google. I have mentioned some tips for improving your Google statistics and I will introduce you to the last peace of advice. The last thing you must do is to make a page on your website where you provide links to your website that are accessible for others to use. Having this done will help you to maximize the number of the back links that you have to your website. A good idea is to provide some useful banners as long as text links that are free for use. Also you may ask websites that you are linked to put some links to your website. One of the main advantages of this system is that you make your website popular among all of the websites that have similar content and this is an opportunity to advertise your website for free, also many of the visitors will have the impression that your website is quite important, because of the affiliate links that you provide. Only you must be aware that you avoid linking with pages that have lower PageRank than your own, because this may actually reduce the popularity of your website in stead of improving it

Monday, May 10, 2010

Web Design Myths debunked.........

Flash is required to make a site attractive
If you plan on using  Flash, be sure to use it efficiently and sparingly.Keep in mind that not every person is surfing with a high speed connection.Some people may still be crawling at 56 or even 28K, so this means the animation may take some time to load.This feature should enhance the visit, not hinder it.  You don't want people to become impatient and hit the back button before they even see your key message.

Additionally, people may not have the Flash plug-in installed on their PC so before they can view your site, they must wait for it to download. 

The more colors you use the better
If your visitor's eyes hurt from reading your pages, Make your website visually pleasing as possible.Your site should consist of 2 to 3 colors max and remember that it's easier to read dark text on a light background.Also remember to make sure your hyperlinks are the same color on every page.As long as they contrast from the background and are consistent throughout your site.the color of the hyperlink shouldn't matter.

Adding too much graphics is helpful
It is true that graphics will make communication easier, but over use of graphics may make it difficult.One very important thing to keep in mind about images is that they can make your pages load very slowly.  If your page doesn't load within 10 seconds, you are in danger of losing many visitors.The page carrying heavy graphics takes lot of time to load. Web design which is spun around simple and easily loading graphics is always loved by the visitor. ensure that all of your images are saved in the correct format. Photos should be saved in .jpg format (more colors), while web images, clip art, etc. should be saved in .gif format (fewer colors).

Site will always look the same in all browsers
This is a common mistake made by many webmasters. Just because your site looks fine on your PC, don't assume it looks that good everywhere.Remember In reality different website browser perceive HTML pages in different manner.  So website Designer should always make it sure that the website is optimised with web standards adopted by different browsers.

If you are using tables,The width of the tables should be set in percentage rather than in pixels. If the website designer decides to use pixels in any of the website design then it becomes difficult for the viewer to scroll left and right to view the website properly.That is a huge annoyance.

Remember to design for the masses!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

blackhat SEO - the bad guy SEO, Avoid it and get benefited for a long time

what is Black Hat SEO?
Black Hat is like breaking into a bank’s system and getting out all you can – it definitely works. But then, obviously, it is not legal. And more importantly, you get caught. Black Hat is the trick that makes search engines believe that your site is genuine and you deserve high page रंक्स

Search engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN take black hat SEO very seriously and penalize people and sites involved in this. Black hat SEO is not limited to certain tricks, but yup, there are certain ill tricks that the search engines take seriously.

The below points should be avoided and must not be done at any cost.

Fooling search engines is known as cloaking. It means showing something to your visitors while showing something else to the search engines is known as cloaking. This is not that much difficult to cheat the search engines, all you need is certain programming languages. Few people even use redirected pages for this. But remember that people come to a site for some specific information, and if you cheat them for your ill benefits, then search engines won’t leave you.  This is the sure shot SEO trick to get banned from search engines.

Duplicate Contents
Few sites make duplicate contents all over their site. This means they post same contents on more than one page. They follow this SEO trick just to improve their alexa rank. But remember, search engines ban these sites. Never ever post or use same contents twice.On the other hand, posting the same content in more than one page does not add extra value to your site.

Adding Metas not Related to  Content

Meta Keywords are like the address of your home. It tells the search engines what is your post about. And hence meta words play a very vital role in search engine indexing. Few people use the same keyword many times thinking that search engines will put more importance into it. But the search engines don’t think in the way you do. Never use  same keyword more than once. Don’t use those keywords which are having no relation with your contents.

Fake Doorway Pages
Doorway pages are the entrance pages to your site. Fake doorway page is like you show someone the entrance to the bedroom, but once he opens the door, he lands in the kitchen. This is freaking. In this way people get annoyed and leave your site. And search engines treat this in that same way. Search engine Bots will come once, will fall in your trick, will ban you and will never get back to your site for indexing. So, it’s better to be genuine.

Script Generated Content
Never ever use scripts or softwares to write for you. This is even worse than having duplicate contents. There are few scripts and softwares available that can rewrite the copied contents. They make few changes here and there and make them look like a new one. But search engines are pretty smart in pointing them. Once they figure you out, they will ban your site forever. Write your own blog contents, they are fresh and unique, search engines will love them.

stuffing or font matching
Never ever hide your keywords. This can be done by making the text and background colour same. In SEO term it’s called keyword stuffing or font matching. Few people also make small fonts which can’t be read and put their keywords there. But search engine robots are scripted well to find them. once they catch you, you are banned.

Automated Inquiries
Search engines recommend people not to use robots for sending automated queries. There are few scripted robots available there and those are used for sending automated search queries. They also use such scripts for auto link submissions. Remember one thing here, search engines are made for humans, they hate robots.

Title Stacking

Be specific. Do not use more than one title per page. Few people use more than one titles per page to get higher ranking in search results. But this is the most stupid idea ever. If you are not familiar with this thing, then title is the the line that reads your page.Do not cheat search engines in this way, they are far more superior than you to track and ban you

Distribute Viruses and other malicious scripts
If you are really dying to get banned, then distribute viruses, trojans, malwares or antispyawares on your site. This is the worst step that you can take to get banned. In this way search engines will remove your site entirely from their databse for people’s good. Checkout the softwares yourself that you are distributing on your site. Use secure hosting, so that spammers can’t distribute those things without your knowledge. You can also appeal to search engines later, if your site has been removed from their indexes because of this reason.

Black Hat SEO can benefit you for a short period of time but will kill your growth in the long run. Avoid such sites who claim to take you to the top in a month or so. Learn proper SEO Tips and get benefited for a long time.