Monday, May 10, 2010

Web Design Myths debunked.........

Flash is required to make a site attractive
If you plan on using  Flash, be sure to use it efficiently and sparingly.Keep in mind that not every person is surfing with a high speed connection.Some people may still be crawling at 56 or even 28K, so this means the animation may take some time to load.This feature should enhance the visit, not hinder it.  You don't want people to become impatient and hit the back button before they even see your key message.

Additionally, people may not have the Flash plug-in installed on their PC so before they can view your site, they must wait for it to download. 

The more colors you use the better
If your visitor's eyes hurt from reading your pages, Make your website visually pleasing as possible.Your site should consist of 2 to 3 colors max and remember that it's easier to read dark text on a light background.Also remember to make sure your hyperlinks are the same color on every page.As long as they contrast from the background and are consistent throughout your site.the color of the hyperlink shouldn't matter.

Adding too much graphics is helpful
It is true that graphics will make communication easier, but over use of graphics may make it difficult.One very important thing to keep in mind about images is that they can make your pages load very slowly.  If your page doesn't load within 10 seconds, you are in danger of losing many visitors.The page carrying heavy graphics takes lot of time to load. Web design which is spun around simple and easily loading graphics is always loved by the visitor. ensure that all of your images are saved in the correct format. Photos should be saved in .jpg format (more colors), while web images, clip art, etc. should be saved in .gif format (fewer colors).

Site will always look the same in all browsers
This is a common mistake made by many webmasters. Just because your site looks fine on your PC, don't assume it looks that good everywhere.Remember In reality different website browser perceive HTML pages in different manner.  So website Designer should always make it sure that the website is optimised with web standards adopted by different browsers.

If you are using tables,The width of the tables should be set in percentage rather than in pixels. If the website designer decides to use pixels in any of the website design then it becomes difficult for the viewer to scroll left and right to view the website properly.That is a huge annoyance.

Remember to design for the masses!!!

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Noobcode said...

Yup ture..
About flash, it is also not search engine friendly.. So if you have a menu made out of flash, then spiders will not be able to read the links.