Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Web Design Best Practices :Rules Of Smart And Successful Web-Designing

 "Design Best Practices :Rules Of Smart And Successful Web-Designing"is my personal pick of the main ideas and concepts, which might improve the quality and popularity of your web-sites and provide a good foundation for successful development in the future.

Page Layout
  •  Appealing to target audience
  •  Consistent site header/logo
  •  Consistent navigation area
  •   Informative page title that includes the company/organization/site name
  •  Page footer area — copyright, last update, contact e-mail address
  •  Good use of basic design principles: repetition, contrast, proximity, and alignment
  •  Displays without horizontal scrolling at 1024x768 and higher resolutions
  •  Balance of text/graphics/white space on page
  •  Good contrast between text and background
  • Home page has compelling, interesting information above the fold (before scrolling down) at 1024x768
  • Home page downloads within 10 seconds on dial-up connection
  • Main navigation links are clearly and consistently labeled
  • Navigation is easy to use for target audience
  • All navigation hyperlinks "work" — are not broken
  • Navigation is structured in an unordered list (accessibility)
  • Navigation aids, such as site map, skip navigation link, or breadcrumbs are used (accessibility)
Color, Graphics and Multimedia
  • Use of different colors in page backgrounds/text is limited to a maximum of three or four colors plus neutrals 
  • Color is used consistently
  •  Graphics are optimized and do not significantly slow download
  • Each graphic used serves a clear purpose
  • Image tags use the alt attribute to configure alternate text to display if the browser or user agent does not support images (accessibility)
  • Animated images do not distract from the site and either do not repeat or only repeat a few times
  •  Each audio/video/Flash file used serves a clear purpose
  •  Download times for audio or video files are indicated
  • Links to downloads for media plug-ins are provided
  • Captions are provided for each audio or video file used (accessibility)
  • Common fonts such as Arial or Times New Roman are used
  • Avoids the use of "Click here" when writing text for hyperlinks
  • If standard link colors are not used, hyperlinks use a consistent set of colors to indicate visited/nonvisited status
  • If graphics and/or media is used to convey meaning, the alternate text equivalent of the content is provided (accessibility)
  • Information is easy to find (minimal clicks)
  • Timeliness: The date of the last revision and/or copyright date is accurate
  • Content does not include outdated material
  • Content is free of typographical and grammatical errors
  • Content provides links to other useful sites
  • All internal and external hyperlinks work
  • All forms function as expected
  • No JavaScript errors are generated
Browser Compatibility
  • Displays on popular versions Internet Explorer(IE), Firefox, Opera,. Chrome

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Noobcode said...

Yup..agree with the page layout point, that the home page should load up in less than 10 seconds.